Glues and Polymer Clay


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I’m currently building up inventory for fall shows which means, at least somewhat, I’m using glues here and there. And glue and polymer clay is a pain. Some glues just don’t work. For example, I’ve had embarrassing failures with hot glue in the distant past. Sometimes my fall back glue (E6000 on cleaned surfaces) just doesn’t work one a piece in a batch of dozens.

Ginger from the Blue Bottle Tree goes over her notes, compiled from others, in her post here and they seem to reflect what I’ve found as well. It can be basically summarized as: if possible, join clay to clay with liquid clay and a good baking. Join other sturdy items to clay by baking them INTO the clay if possible – I make pins this way – or using the strongest glue you can get.

Another thing I found out was that CA or cyanoacrylate glues (super glues) make a great polish for polymer clay. In fact, it’s a better polish than glue unless you’re doing just small repairs or additions. I use CA or Gorilla Glue to fix tiny cracks since they either glue instantly or fill space as they glue. I use E6000 or Goop, on alcohol cleaned surfaces for some pieces that won’t be handled too much. And I’m working on changing more of my work to clay and mechanical hold rather than depending on glues.

What kind of glue do you prefer to use on your projects? Any horrifying failures or really great glue tricks?